Dunkirk Boilers Prices

When looking into Dunkirk boilers, one of the questions that will arise will be about Dunkirk Boiler prices. Before even considering how much a Dunkirk boiler will cost, think about the value that you are getting.

Starting in 1928, Dunkirk Boilers have taken the industry by storm in providing reliability, value, and innovation in their design and components used. They have an astounding 99.91%* trusted reliability rate. With the tests taken to ensure greatness, you can assure that the Dunkirk gas boiler you buy from E-comfortusa is certified by the CSA in the U.S.A. and Canada.

Your fuel dollar is extended by an A.F.U.E. of up to 82.7% and a 12 year warranty. Your titanium composite burners have a 3 year warranty. The insulation is ultra-thick, preventing any residual heat from escaping your Dunkirk boiler. They’ve thought of everything at Dunkirk, so you can just worry about being comfortable.

So if you are worried about Dunkirk Boiler prices, think again! No matter what you pay, you will receive much more value!

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